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Selling Products - or Solving Problems?

Some companies develop products in the abstract - and bend problems to fit the products. Whitford and Polymeric Systems take the opposite point of view.

Whitford and PSI believe that the way to a better product is to start with a specific problem, then create a product specifically designed to solve it. Years ago, Whitford set this in writing: "So long as we remember that our business is solving problems, the selling of our products will take care of itself".

Whitford's mission statement hangs in all of its offices around the world: "We provide attentive, innovative solutions to our customers' problems via our products and related technology". This is designed to keep focus on the customer rather than the sales curve.

The same Whitford (and Polymeric Systems) wherever you go.

The coming together of PSI and Whitford provides an interesting new dimension to the future growth of both. It also provides each with additional technology, since the raw materials used, and markets served by both companies, overlap in many aspects.

We share the objective of serving our worldwide markets with solutions to customers' problem, taking advantage of superior products and superior service. What's good for our customers is also good for Polymeric Systems and Whitford.