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Progeny of PSI

PSI's adhesive and sealant product line includes epoxy putties and gels specifically designed for superior bonding strength to a myriad of different substrates, and high-performance joint sealants with excellent adhesion to various building materials.

PSI's family of epoxy putty sticks and tapes has thousands of uses. Their ability to repair, rebuild and restore nearly everything makes them the ultimate repair products for small or emergency repairs.

Specialty epoxy putty repair sticks

AquaMend®: Fiberglass-reinforced. Bonds underwater. Repair leaks in boats, spas and marine equipment; fix cracks in pools.

FastSteel®: Steel-reinforced. Repair anything made of steel or other metals. NSF approved for contact with drinking water.

InstaCrete®: Contains bits of aggregate. Patch chipped concrete and masonry, seal tie-rod holes, anchor railings and fixtures, repair curbs and steps.

QuikAluminum®: Aluminum-reinforced. Repair anything made of aluminum.

QuikPlastik®: Repair rigid, semi-flexible plastic. Affix automotive trim, seal leaks in PVC and ABS pipe. NSF approved for contact with drinking water.

QuikCopper®: Copper-reinforced. Bonds quickly to wet, slow-leaking surfaces for quick plumbing repairs. NSF approved for contact with drinking water.

QuikTitanium®: Titanium-reinforced. Resists high temperatures; repair iron pipes, tanks, tools and equipment

QuikWood®: Repair holes, cracks, dry rot and insect damage in wood.

RepairitQuik®: General-purpose repair epoxy. Form knobs, missing parts; attach fixtures and signs; fill cracks; form gaskets; emergency leak repair; ideal for crafts.

Side-by-side epoxy putty tapes, bars and other unique epoxy putties

Kneadatite Blue/Yellow® epoxy putty tapes and bars: Long work life, non-grainy texture, ability to hold fine detail. Make underwater pool repairs, fill small auto body dents, create custom-formed gaskets. Known as "Green" by sculptors, cured models withstand up to 4 vulcanizations in the mold-making process.

FixitFast® epoxy putty tape: Short work life. For all types of quick maintenance repairs; excellent for industrial use.

Kneadatite® A-B Epoxy Putty Bars: Long work life. One-pound kit provides easy-to-mix bulk product for all types of larger repairs. Easily smoothed with water.

Kneadaseal® Electrical Sealing/Potting Compound: UL-approved sealing compound in putty stick form for electrical conductors and cable armor.

Epoxy industrial pastes

MIX2FIX® GP Aluminum: A general-purpose epoxy with a high content of aluminum particles (31% aluminum) used to make tough, permanent repairs to metal, ceramics, concrete, wood, and some hard plastics. Cured product looks like aluminum.

MIX2FIX® Bronze: A general-purpose, bronze-colored, non-corroding epoxy for tough, permanent repairs to bronze and other non-ferrous metals, ceramics, porcelain, concrete, wood, and some hard plastics.

MIX2FIX® GP Ceramic: Optimally blended with ceramic beads and silicon carbide particles, cures at ambient temperatures to an extremely hard-wearing surface and provides protective coatings and abrasion-resistant repairs for equipment such as pipes, chutes, impeller bodies, and screw elevators.

MIX2FIX® Machinable Ceramic: A dry-film lubricant product reinforced with superfine ceramic. Cures at ambient temperatures to produce a self-lubricating, impact- and wear-resistant finish that does not rust.

MIX2FIX® GP Steel: A general-purpose epoxy containing a high content of steel particles (35% corrosion-resistant steel alloy) to make tough, permanent repairs that are rust-free and can be treated like steel.

MIX2FIX® FC Steel: A fast-curing epoxy containing a higher content of steel particles than MIX2FIX GP Steel (40% corrosion-resistant steel alloy) for tough, permanent repairs that are rust-free and can be treated like steel.

MIX2FIX® LV Steel (formerly PSI-367): A reduced viscosity, semi-liquid version of MIX2FIX FC Steel with the same high proportion of corrosion-resistant steel particles. Ideal for bonding most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Cured product looks like steel and will not rust.

MIX2FIX® High Temperature: A room-temperature-curing epoxy formulated to bond and repair materials that will be exposed to temperatures up to 500°F (260 °C).

MIX2FIX® GP Gel Adhesive: A non-sag, general-purpose epoxy that bonds well to a wide variety of substrates. Bonds well to teak, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, glass and most hard plastics, making it especially useful in marine applications.

MIX2FIX® FC Gray Adhesive: Gray modified epoxy adhesive that cures rapidly at room temperature with exceptional adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. No volatile solvents, does not shrink upon curing.

MIX2FIX® FC Translucent Adhesive:Modified translucent epoxy adhesive that cures rapidly at room temperature with exceptional adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. No volatile solvents, does not shrink upon curing.

Kneadaseal® SL Electrical Sealing/Potting Compound: This self-leveling, epoxy sealing paste provides water- and vapor-tight seals for cable fittings and other electrical devices. Packed in a 225ml double-barrel cartridge for convenient mixing, dispensing and application.

Sealants and adhesives

PSI-601 and 601 Food-Grade Acetoxy Silicone Sealant:General-purpose sealant. Only PSI-601 FG Clear is NSF-approved for use in food areas. Excellent for vertical joints in kitchens and bathrooms. Not for use on concrete.

PSI-613 High-Temperature Silicone Adhesive/Sealant: Withstands extreme temperatures (-60 to 600°F/-51 to +315°C). Ideal for gasketing and sealing flue pipes. Not for use on concrete.

Sili-Thane® 803 One-Part Hybrid Adhesive/Sealant: Polyether-based sealant with superior UV resistance. Fast, tack-free time. Will not foam or bubble when exposed to high humidity conditions or moist substrates during cure. Virtually odorless with low-VOC content, no solvents or isocyanates.

Sili-Thane® 812 HS Hybrid Adhesive/Sealant: Similar to Sili-Thane 803 but with higher strength and faster tack-free time (15-minutes). Ideal for OEM manufacturing applications in construction of mobile homes and travel trailers, extruded PVC windows and doors, and similar OEM applications.

Flexiprene® PSI-952 One-Part Self-Leveling Polyurethane Sealant: For horizontal joints up to 3% slope. Fast skin-over time; supports foot and light-vehicular traffic. No solvents or VOCs.

Flexiprene® 1000 One-Part Urethane Sealant: Cures rapidly to a durable, low-modulus, flexible, weatherproof sealant. Use for exterior and interior perimeter and joint caulking. Contains no toluene diisocyanate (TDI) or VOCs.

PSI-275 Multi-Component Polysulfide Sealant: Seals joints exposed to continuous water immersion, such as reservoirs, sewage-treatment facilities, fountains and dams.

A growing family

With all the new resources at hand, Polymeric Systems' R&D department is busier than ever, and the line of products that PSI manufactures and markets will continue to improve and grow.