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Registered Trademarks

As an innovator in the adhesive and sealant markets, PSI recognized the need for market recognition of their unique products.

All of PSI's Kneadatite and epoxy repair putties offer easy-to-use, no-drip, no-mess mixing and application. The putty-like consistency allows the material to be shaped and formed as needed before curing begins. Cured products are resistant to water, chemicals and temperature extremes..

Kneadatite®: PSI's first epoxy putty repair product. This trademark applies to Kneadatite® Blue/Yellow® used for general-purpose repairs and sculpting (known as "Green" to sculptors); and Kneadatite® A-B Epoxy Putty Bars, a bulk product for all types of larger repairs.

Kneadatite formed the basis for future development of PSI's faster-cure, specialty epoxy putty repair putties.

Blue/Yellow®: The Blue/Yellow trademark applies to the side-by-side Kneadatite Blue/Yellow Epoxy Putty Tape used for general-purpose repairs and sculpting.

AquaMend®: Fast-setting, fiberglass-reinforced epoxy putty bonds underwater to repair pools, spas, sporting equipment, boats, and many types of marine repairs.

FastSteel®: Fast-setting, steel-reinforced epoxy putty for repair or rebuilding anything made of metal.

FixitFast®: Epoxy putty tape with short work life for all types of quick maintenance repairs; excellent for industrial use.

InstaCrete®: Fast-setting epoxy repair putty for concrete, mortar, brick and stone. Contains bits of aggregate for the look of concrete.

Kneadaseal®: PSI’s sealing compounds for electrical conductors and cable armor. Kneadaseal is a UL-approved electrical sealing/potting compound in epoxy putty form for use in cable sealant fittings or lead seals in hazardous locations. Kneadaseal SL is a self-leveling epoxy sealing/potting compound in a paste form, packaged in a handy 225ml double-barrel cartridge for easy, convenient mixing, dispensing, and application.

QuikAluminum®: Fast-setting, aluminum-reinforced epoxy repair putty for rebuilding or repair anything made of aluminum.

QuikCopper®: Fast-setting, copper-reinforced epoxy repair putty for rebuilding or repair of anything copper.

QuikPlastik®: Fast-setting epoxy repair putty for rebuilding or repair of most plastic types especially leaks in PVC and ABS pipes.

QuikTitanium®:Epoxy repair putty engineered to resist high temperatures.

QuikWeld®: Fast-setting, general-use, odorless epoxy repair putty for industrial maintenance applications.

QuikWood®: Fast-setting epoxy putty for rebuilding or repairs to wood.

RepairitQuik®: Fast-setting epoxy putty for general bonding and repair purposes.

MIX2FIX®: Epoxy pastes that provide tough, permanent, rust-free repairs in an industrial environment. This trademark applies to MIX2FIX GP Aluminum containing high aluminum particle content for repairs to metal, etc.; MIX2FIX Bronze for repairing bronze and other non-ferrous metals; MIX2FIX GP Ceramic provides a wear-resistant finish that will not rust; MIX2FIX Machinable Ceramic produces a self-lubricating, impact- and wear resistant finish; MIX2FIX FC Steel, a fast-cure epoxy paste with high steel-particle content that can be machined like steel; MIX2FIX GP Steel, a general-purpose repair paste with 35% stainless steel particle content; MIX2FIX High Temperature, formulated to bond and repair materials to be exposed to high temperatures; MIX2FIX GP Gel Adhesive, a non-sag, epoxy adhesive/repair paste; MIX2FIX LV Steel, a steel-filled epoxy adhesive that cures in minutes; MIX2FIX FC Gray Adhesive, a rapid-curing, modified epoxy adhesive with exceptional adhesion that cures at room temperature; and MIX2FIX FC Translucent Adhesive a translucent epoxy adhesive with exceptional adhesion that cures rapidly at room temperature.

PSI's urethane sealants with no solvents, VOCs or TDI also deserved a market-recognized tradename.

Flexiprene®: Environmentally friendly urethane sealants with excellent adhesion, weatherability and durability for use in caulking interior and exterior expansion, control and construction joints. Flexiprene 952 is a self-leveling sealant for horizontal joints. Flexiprene 1000 is a gunnable sealant for all types of interior and exterior caulking.

PSI's environmentally friendly, hybrid adhesive/sealants earned their own market-recognized tradename.

Sili-Thane®: Sili-Thane 803 polyether-based adhesive/sealant was specifically designed for a wide range of application situations and is virtually odorless with low-VOC content, no solvents and no isocyanates. Sili-Thane 812 HS is similar to Sili-Thane 803 but it has higher strength and faster cure time, ideal for OEM manufacturing applications.