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Staying Ahead of the Pack

Divine discontent, coupled with a clear focus on problem-solving and supported by an ever-stronger R&D resource, gives Polymeric Systems a distinct advantage over many of our competitors. It's a combination created to breed thinking outside the box.

This corporate focus has led to many "firsts" in the industries in which we do business (as well as to many PSI patents). For example:

  • First side-by-side hand-mixable and formable rubber that cures at room temperature.
  • First hot-melt insulating glass adhesive/sealant that crosslinks to prevent hot-weather movement.
  • First commercially available, single-component silicone construction sealant.
  • First two-part epoxy putty stick with the curing agent protected by the putty.
  • First use of a special fading-color mixing indicator.
  • First flexible-film static mixing device that combines adhesive mixer and static mixer in a single package with a dispensing tip (winner of three industry awards).
  • First no-waste static mixer made with flexible film.
  • First single-use roadway marker liquid epoxy adhesive system to combine the marker with an adhesive that is applied immediately prior to application on the roadway.

The size of PSI is also an advantage. We are small enough so that many of the nation's major chemical producers call on our technical department for help with new product design and testing, while others depend on us to manufacture limited runs of their products with their labels on them.

Yet we are large enough with ample resources to meet the worldwide production needs of the same companies - the best of both worlds.