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MIX2FIX® FC Translucent Adhesive
(formerly PSI-326 Fast-cure Epoxy Repair Compound)

Technical Data

MIX2FIX FC Translucent Adhesive is a low-odor, two-component, modified epoxy adhesive that cures rapidly at room temperature with exceptional tensile adhesion and peel strength to bond wood, metal, fiberglass, glass, ceramics and many hard plastics (does not adhere to polyethylene, polypropylene, or PTFE). It is not intended for structural applications.

Just a few minutes after application the mixed product forms a tough bond without the need for clamping. After final cure it is tough enough to be filed, drilled, tapped, or sanded.

How to use:

To achieve optimum adhesion, surfaces should be dry and free of grease or dirt. Grit-blasting or abrading the surface prior to cleaning helps insure a good bond. Do not apply mixed product at temperatures below 41°F (5°C).

Wear impermeable gloves when mixing or handling uncured product. Use only the amount of product needed for the job at hand. Containers of unmixed material can be resealed for future use. Mix together equal parts by weight or volume of resin and hardener until uniform in color. Material becomes very hot curing cure; it is recommended that no more than 0.25 lbs. of each component be mixed together at one time. Use within 3 minutes of mixing. Remove excess material before product begins to set.

Allow application to harden until a strong bond has formed before handling or returning to service, normally 60 to 90 minutes. Product cures faster at higher temperatures and larger volumes, slower at lower temperatures and in thin sections. After final cure, applications can be drilled, tapped, filed or sanded.

  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.
  • Fast-curing.
  • Contains no volatile solvents.
  • Does not shrink upon curing.
  • Thixotropic.

Typical applications:
  • As a general-purpose adhesive.
  • Bond wood, metal, fiberglass, glass, ceramics and many hard plastics.