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FixitFast® Epoxy Putty Tape 

Technical Data

FixitFast is a two-part, hand-mixable, fast-curing, epoxy adhesive-sealant in concentric tape form for strong, permanent repairs to metals, wood, glass, concrete, ceramics and numerous plastics. Any length contains the proper ratio of base to curing agent. When kneaded together to a uniform color, it forms an industrial-strength polymer repair compound.

How to use:

To achieve optimum adhesion, repair surfaces should be scuffed and/or lightly sanded and cleaned free of grease or dirt prior to application.

Wear impermeable gloves when handling or mixing uncured FixitFast. Twist or cut off required amount, then mix by kneading, twisting and folding with gloved fingers to a uniform color. Apply to the repair surface within 2 minutes of mixing. Shape and strike off excess material before hardening begins.

FixitFast has a 5-minute work life. Functional cure occurs in 60 minutes when the repair can be painted, filed, sanded, sawed, drilled and tapped. Cured color is Grey. FixitFast is not intended for structural applications.


Cures underwater.

         •   No measuring or mixing tools needed.


         •   No shrinkage; solvent- and VOC-free.
         •   Withstands temperature extremes.

Typical applications:

Temporarily plug active leaks in drums, oil and holding tanks.


Seal rowboat seams; emergency repairs to boat decks and hulls.

         •   Fill rough-weld seams before painting.
         •   Restore torn sheet metal.

Mold missing parts.

         •   Form drilling jigs for odd-shaped work pieces.

Repair door molding and outside railings.

         •   Form insulated handles for tools.
         •   Plug holes and seams in ductwork and aluminum gutters.