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Kneadatite® Brown/Neutral Epoxy Putty Tape

Technical Data
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Kneadatite Brown/Neutral is a two-part epoxy/polyamide sealant-adhesive in tape form. It has excellent adhesion to metal. Nicknamed "Brown" by sculptors and modelers, Kneadatite Brown/Neutral is well-known for its long work life, hard cure, non-grainy texture and ability to hold fine detail. Cured models withstand up to 4 vulcanizations. Mixing "Brown" with Kneadatite Blue/Yellow® ("Green") will increase Blue/Yellow's hardness, and mixing proportions can be adjusted to control curing time.

How to use:

To achieve optimum adhesion, repair surfaces should be scuffed and/or lightly sanded and cleaned free of grease or dirt prior to application.

Twist or cut off required amount and mix by kneading with fingers to a uniform color. Any length of the two-part tape contains the proper ratio of base to curing agent necessary to produce a hard, tough material. Apply to the repair surface within 1 hour of mixing. Shape and remove excess material before hardening begins. Functional cure occurs after 4 to 5 hours when Brown/Neutral can be drilled, sawed, carved, sanded, stained, and painted. Cured color is Brown. Brown/Neutral is not intended for structural applications.


Excellent adhesion to steel.

         •   Long work life.

Hand mixable in minutes without messy residue.

         •   No shrinkage; contains no solvents or VOCs.
         •   Cures very hard for sharp tips, points.


         •   Solvent-resistant.

Typical applications:

Repair small automotive body dents.


Patch exhaust system holes.

         •   Attach metal strips.
         •   Sculpt models and prototypes.