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PSI-275 Gun-Grade, Multi-Component Hybrid Polysulfide Sealant

Technical Data

PSI-275 was specifically developed for dynamically moving joints exposed to continuous water immersion. This three-part sealant is ideal for sealing vertical, horizontal, and sloping joints. PSI-275 has excellent adhesion to most common substrates such as masonry, concrete, metal, plastics, glass, ceramics and wood.


Excellent durability and weatherability.


VOC content 0.05 lb/gl (0.6%).

         •   PSI-275 meets or exceeds Federal Spec TT-S-00227E, ASTM C 920-95, CAN/CGSB 19.24-M90, SWI 2B with exception of Stain and Color Change (see data sheet for details). Also meets the test requirements of ASTM C1247 for sealants exposed to continuous immersion in liquids.

Typical applications:

Concrete joints subject to structural movement.


Reservoirs, swimming pools, fountains, dams and sewage treatment plants.

         •   Vertical and horizontal expansion, control, and perimeter joints in pre-cast concrete panels, metal curtain walls, etc.
         •   For interior and exterior use with adequate ventilation.