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Flexiprene® 1000 One-part Urethane Sealant 

Technical Data

Environmentally-friendly Flexiprene 1000 is exceptionally smooth gunning and tools easily. It cures rapidly to a durable, flexible weatherproof seal.

Flexiprene 1000 adheres well to most common substrates such as masonry, concrete, glass and aluminum; it shows excellent adhesion to most types of plastic. Flexiprene 1000 is not intended for structural applications.


Environmentally-safe "green" sealant.


Contains no solvents, TDI or VOC.

         •   Interior or exterior use.
         •   Virtually odorless.

Fast skin-over and cure.


Excellent weatherability and durability.

         •   Low odor.
         •   Meets or exceeds Federal Specification TT-S-00230C, ASTM C920-87, AAMA 802.3 and 805.2, CAN/CGSB 19.13-M87.

Typical applications:

Exterior and interior frame opening perimeter caulking.


Expansion, control and isolation joints.

         •   Coping and coping-to-facade joints; cornice and wash joints.
         •   Panels; poured-in-place; tilt-up; underside of pre-cast planks.

Steps and risers; top of non-load bearing walls.

         •   Glazing.

Travel trailer and mobile home construction.

         •   Assembly of extruded PVC windows and doors.