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High Performance Joint Sealants and Caulks Manufacturer

Polymeric Systems is an industry leading high performance joint sealants and caulks manufacturer with a new line of advanced materials that offer enhanced capabilities for a wide range of applications. Our silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide and hybrid sealants offer better protection, longer life, and greater resistance to the elements, with less need for ongoing maintenance touch-ups, or reapplication.

Moisture-curing general-purpose silicone sealant forms a durable, flexible, long-lasting rubber seal. Highly resistant to the effects of sunlight, rain, snow, ozone, and ultraviolet radiation, new silicone sealant is designed to perform under higher temperature extremes than standard silicones and most other sealants. With excellent adhesion to glass, metal, ceramic, porcelain, many plastics, and painted surfaces, the new silicone PSI-601 FG is also approved for food-area use and complies with FDA 177.2600.

Environmentally-friendly Flexiprene PSI-952 is a one-part self-leveling urethane sealant designed to offer excellent adhesion for sealing horizontal joints of dissimilar porosities, surface textures, and coefficients of expansion. Used for most common firm and uncontaminated materials, Flexiprene PSI-952 allows for movement of ±25% and cures to a flexible rubber capable of supporting foot traffic and light vehicular traffic with good adhesion to macadam.

Specifically developed for dynamically moving joints exposed to continuous water immersion, PSI-275 is a three-part polysulfide sealant ideal for sealing vertical, horizontal, and sloping joints. With excellent adhesion to most common substrates such as masonry, concrete, metal, plastics, glass, ceramics and wood, PSI-275 has excellent durability and weatherability, and meets the test requirements of ASTM C1247 for sealants exposed to continuous immersion in liquids.

Sili-Thane® 803 is a one-part Hybrid Sealant that combines the benefits of silicone, with its superior UV resistance, fast tack-free and cure times, with the paintable, primerless adhesive and versatile properties of polyurethanes. Although a moisture-cure sealant, Sili-Thane® 803 is non-bubbling when applied in high humidity or to moist substrates.

Take a look at Polymeric System’s great line of silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide and hybrid sealants, and find out why they are the best choice for your next project.