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Leading Specialty Adhesives and Sealants Manufacturer

Polymeric Systems (PSI) is a specialty adhesives and sealants manufacturer offering an ever-growing assortment of superior, high-performance sealant and adhesive products for a wide range of applications.

Many products contain no solvents, with low-VOC content. Whether you need a precise spot application, a product to seal out weather and contaminants, a flexible seal or a strong, stationary repair, Polymeric Systems makes it fast and easy to do. And we don’t damage the environment to do it.

PSI’s silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide and hybrid sealants provide durable, flexible barriers to keep out weather, moisture and dirt. Our high-performance joint sealants compensate for dynamic joint movement, temperature changes, different substrate porosities and environments, and varying degrees of expansion.

Not sure what product to use?
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Our patented epoxy putty sticks, tapes and bars are easy to use without tools for a strong, chemical-resistant application. They are mess-free, extremely strong, and dependable for non-shrinking industrial and DIY repairs. Kneadatite Blue/Yellow epoxy putty tapes and bars are highly valued by sculptors, who know it as the “green stuff” for fashioning models for miniature pewter figurines that can withstand up to 4 vulcanizations. Yet Kneadatite Blue/Yellow is an industrial-strength compound; uses include repairing automobile dents and cracks in pipes and tanks.

Polymeric Systems’ epoxy potting compounds and epoxy industrial pastes were developed to provide specialized repair for industrial environments. The potting compounds protect cable fittings and other electrical connectors with a seal that is resistant to hydrocarbons, ketones, alcohols and esters. They are available in a UL-approved putty version and a self-leveling paste version, ideal for applications in places where application may be difficult.  

The epoxy industrial pastes are resistant to many destructive industrial chemicals, offer excellent coverage, spreadability, and adhesion for applications that will not rust, all at an ambient-temperature cure. They are perfect for use on aluminum, copper and other metals, glass, fiberglass, and ceramics, to extend the life of expensive equipment.

Polymeric Systems believes that the way to a better product is to start with a specific problem, and then create a product specifically designed to solve it. Through the years that has resulted in a product line that is constantly growing. Our partner, Whitford Worldwide, expresses it best in our joint mission statement, found in all of our offices around the world: "We combine superior service with innovative solutions to our customers' problems via our products and related technology".