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AquaMend Testimonials

From a homeowner in Michigan:

"I would like to compliment you on a FANTASTIC product - AquaMend underwater repair epoxy putty. Recently, I had an emergency leak to fix. Water was seeping in around the drain tile/basement foundation wall and I was not sure what to use, so went to my local hardware store where they recommended AquaMend. It was so easy to work with and sealed the leak permanently. Thank you so much for a truly amazing product!"

From a fish tank owner in Florida:

"I awakened this morning to my 45-gallon saltwater fish tank leaking with a puddle on the floor. After cleaning up and becoming extremely late for work, I remembered using your AquaMend product for another application. Not exactly sure even where the leak originated in the tank, I used AquaMend in areas I thought it was coming from. I applied your product and left for work only to return hours later with an elated smile on my face, a dry floor, and a filled tank. Your product saved a tremendous amount of time. Thank you for making a kick-ass product!"

From a homeowner (no address given):

"I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with AquaMend. We originally bought it to repair a part on a cement statue outside. It worked perfectly and we painted over it. We also used it to fix a broken leg on a roaster oven. Yesterday, our 30-gallon fish tank sprung a huge leak and we were able to patch it and save our expensive fish until we could purchase a new one last evening. Thanks for a great product."

From a rancher in New Mexico:

"Just wanted to say thanks for an EXCELLENT product! I have a friend whose horse tank was leaking. We brought the AquaMend over and fixed several places for her. It worked extremely well in spite of very cold (5 degrees) weather. You really saved the day!!! Thanks again - we'll never be without our AquaMend!"

From a homeowner in North Carolina:

"I wanted to contact you about how incredible your product AquaMend is. My toilet tank cracked at the bottom and water poured out and made a mess. My girlfriend went to the hardware store for caulk where the salesperson recommended AquaMend instead. I was able to seal up about a 6- or 7-inch crack in a ceramic tank with a watertight seal so it was useable again! This is definitely, in my opinion, applied chemistry at its best. Thanks for a great product!"

From a fiberglass boat owner in Michigan:

"I chipped my fiberglass boat about a month ago, but didn't want to purchase a complete fiberglass repair kit for such a small hole. I went to a local store and stumbled upon AquaMend. The instructions said just cut off desired amount, knead and press in place. Well, it sounded too good to be true, but what the heck, I bought it. Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you, this has got to be the best product going for "not so crafty" people like me. I am very pleased and satisfied with your product. It was also very easy to sand and paint."

From a sailboat owner in Illinois:

"I have a story with a happy ending thanks to your underwater repair epoxy putty. While sailing in the North Channel we were joined by my husband's uncle in his own 20-foot sailboat. One afternoon his boat began to take on water fast through the centerboard pin. Luckily we had a tube of AquaMend on-board our boat and were able to stop the water and make it to port for repairs 18 km away the next day. Thank you for developing this product. It made it possible to save the "ship" and continue our vacation together."