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QuikPlastik Testimonials

From a homeowner in Arizona:

“I used QuikPlastik on two occasions, and both times I was thrilled with the results. The first was when I dropped the pusher for a Dutch meat slicer and broke the Bakelite handle. There were no replacements available in the entire world. QuikPlastik fixed it! The other was to fix the tab on the refrigerator door ice dispenser that had become problematic. Normally a person had to “slam” the glass in order to obtain ice. When I opened the mechanism my wife noticed that a plastic piece had almost cracked in two. A quick application of QuikPlastik repaired the plastic piece and our ice dispenser is now working flawlessly.”

From a homeowner in Pennsylvania:

“My husband sideswiped our garage wall with his car and cracked the plastic cowling around his side-view mirror. I used QuikPlastik to repair the crack while he was away on a business trip. I sanded and painted the repair, and it looked good as new. It’s held up to his 65-mile commutes as if it were original equipment. Thanks for saving us a couple hundred dollars!”